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Services: Rezoning

What is rezoning?
Rezoning is the process of changing the land use rights of a property. for example, the change of residential rights to business rights.

Rezoning application?
A rezoning application can only be drafted by a registered town planner and can take anything from 4 to 6 months depending on requirements from your municipality.

Zoning certificate?
The zoning certicate contains information like zoning rights, building line, coverage and etc. A zoning certificate can be purchased from your local municipality for R30 to R300.


Zoning map?
Zoning maps are color coded maps indicating property zoning, these maps are available for public viewing at local municipalities and copies can also be purchased.

Zoning viewer?
Zoning viewer is an online system of viewing zoning maps being used by several municipalities across South Africa, famously Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Rezoning fees?
A rezoning application can cost anything from R15 000 to R100 000 depending on title deed condition, requirements from the municipality and possible objections.